Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Visions of the Past part 1

Having found some time to go through some older photo collections, I have uploaded pictures from two previous SSWG visits to Salute onto my Picasa Web Album.

Salute 2009

For this we "reimagined" our Smolevichi swamp board, turning the touch of winter to the table.

We then had a German armoured train and accompanying infantry fighting it out against a determined force of Russian Partisans.

Finally - the award itself. Best Scenery 2009.

Salute 2007

Next up we have our 2007 trip to Salute. I chose this one rather than 2008 as that year we used the 1984 game, as we did for SELWG this year.

This demonstration game was of Teutonic Knights engaging in the seige of Ragnit against the Russ.

For this game we made a section of a large log castle, two siege towers, three trebuchets plus numerous other pieces of siege equipment.

The attacking Knights were lovingly painted by SSWG member Nigel and what a great job he did too:

In this final preview shot below you can see the Kogge which was hand made by Andy Finch. I'll revisit this in a seperate post.


Friday, 11 December 2009

Waterloo In Pictures

Finally managed to get a nice selection of my Waterloo shots uploaded to my Picasaweb album.

Below is a choice selection. Please feel free to browse the whole album at:
Waterloo - Nov 2009

The Wellington Museum.

Map of the battlefield from atop the Lion Mount.

View over the western end of the battlfield.

Looking across the Allied lines with La Haye Sainte on the top right.

La Belle Alliance.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Back from my Hols

Good holidays always end too quickly.

Time just flew by as I spend 2 weeks with a friend in Denver, Colorado.
Didn't do any gaming, but did join in on a couple of local 4th Ed D&D games. Shame that my Wizard seemed to only be able to hit friendlies for most of the session, though this brought much laughter to the table. A small iota of revenge in the blue on blue fire stakes, eh?

I did manage to see Buffalo Bill's grave, up in the foothills of the Rockies, overlooking Golden and Denver beyond.

On my way home from the States, I took a weekend away to Belgium. I have always loved visiting Ostend, but this time I used it as a base to journey somewhere all together more "interesting", though my girlfriend Claire would probably dispute this.


It was a cold and rainy morning when we set off and being Belgium, the road signs were typically awful.
It was a strange feeling stood outside what is now the Wellington Museum, in the town of Waterloo. This building was of course the Inn which hosted the Iron Duke and his HQ on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo.

"Pass 1815" ticket in hand, I started my tour. The audio guide was very good, with options to hear more details on subjects such as the armaments, medicine and other interesting facts.
Each room was given over to a different subject. The stables are now a grand guide to the battle itself, with maps depicting the different phases of the battle.

Back in the car for the short drive south, we soon pulled into the car park of the Visitors Centre.
Built on the edge of the Allied line, between the road and Guards position, these buildings house a movie guide to the battle, a panoramic painting of the battle and a wax museum. In addition to this is the obligatory gift shop ;).

Finally, there is the Lion Mount, a massive earth mound topped by a massive Lion statue. Despite the way this feature has ruined the battlefield, it does provide a wonderful viewing platform.

From the Lion Mount, we followed the Allied position towards Hougoumont. I stood amazed at just how rolling the terrain is and I could easily imagine how you could have lost sight of the enemy not 20 yards in front of you.

The other thing that stood out was just how small the battlefield is. I know you can read this, but to actually look at it with your own eyes and try to picture the scene, it is truly amazing.

Anyway, most of this chat is worthless without some pictures, so these will follow shortly.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009


The SSWG crew was there with our game "1984", based on a "what-if" World War 3 had started. We had Russians fighting against the British in a small corner of Germany.

The morning literally flew by and we all looked at our time pieces in amazement as it slipped past midday.
Lots of friendly visitors came and chatted, with many remembering serving in the forces during our games time frame. Nearly all commented on how accurate we had managed to get the game, which we were very please with.

Some shots of the action

We arrived early, around 9am to begin the setup.

When the game actually got underway, the action was hot from the start with the VDV contesting the edge of town while the Russian armour advanced towards the bridges.

However, the T72's were soon under accurate Milan missile fire, knocking out the lead vehicles as they tried to make ground.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the town, the VDV were meeting stiff resistance from British infantry in the buildings.

The VDV held on while BMP mounted infantry rushed to relieve them. Their transports were soon hit by Carl Gustav fire and they were forced to debus into a copse of trees.

As the action drew to a close the firepower of the Russian infantry was beginning to tell, though they were unable to enter the town or knock out the remaining Milan or Chieftan.

More photos on Picasa:
SELWG 2009

SELWG 2009 Review

So SELWG 2009 came and went last weekend.

Overall the day was excellent fun and it was great to be back at such a wonderful show.
There are several things that stand out for SELWG above Salute.
- The lighting is massively better, which aids photography no end.
- The venue was smaller, which creates a more intimate feel to the show, which gives more time to talk to the public and actually play a demo game.
- Free parking!

The only downside I noticed was the fact there were less traders, though there was still an excellent selection.

Here's a shot of the main floor at about 2pm.

Loughton Strike Force - Best Demo Game & Best in Show

Continuing their fine tradition of show tables LSF produced an excellent looking table depicting a Russian attack on Nazi German positions.
This table walked away with Best Demo Game and Best in Show!

And here are the club members accepting their trophies.

Best Demonstration Game.

Best in Show.

Shepway Wargame Club - Best Scenery

Another WWII themed table, this was an excellently created game called "The Hochwald Gap - 1945" and a well deserved winner in a very tough category.

Best Scenery.

Diamond Geezers - Best Participation Game

This table was very popular with young and old alike, but alas I have no photos of the table iself :(
I do however have their trophy shot.

Best Participation Game

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

News from the Front

I had been hoping to pay some more attention to the blog, but I just haven't found the time of late.

A quick summary of whats been going on:


Down at SSWG we have been playtesting numerous Pre-Dreadnought rules, but the set which seems to have caught us the most of late is Victory at Sea, Age of Dreadnoughts.
We are planning a bit of a campaign in the Mediterranean set in 1908. All the major players will have their fleets involved. More to come on this.

Staying with SSWG, we will be attending SELWG on October 18th with our 1984 WW3 demonstration game. The British will be engaging the Russians in 28mm using Force on Force. Photo's from the day to come.

Finally, in the world of Azeroth, my Guild Freebootaz steeped up in the raiding stakes, downing the Twin Val'kyr in 10 man at only our 3rd attempt.


On the painting front, I will be working on pre-Dreadnoughts for Greece & Russia ready for the aforementioned campaign.

After this I hope to continue with my Forged in Battle 1/3000th Napoleonic warships.

Again, more to come on all this including some photos of my personal collection and from the SSWG archives.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A New Start

Welcome to my blog.

Apologies as this is my first attempt at blogging, so wish me luck!

Anyway - here is a quick intro to those who might not know me.

I am a wargame and history enthusiast from Essex, England.
I game locally in Southend-on-Sea at SSWG. We game most periods, in a variety of scales. The club attends several UK shows each year and has a large collection of trophies for our scenery and games.

Personally I tend to game in the Horse & Musket era and later with my favorite period being the Revolutionary / Napoleonic period. I enjoy this period so much that I have found myself with collections in 3 different scales, 6mm, 15mm and 25mm!

I also have a collection of Marlburians in 15mm and a collection of beautifully painted Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts by War Times Journal.

I also enjoy playing and collecting figures for several Games Workshop games, mainly Warhammer 40k and Battlefleet Gothic.

Finally thanks for reading and I hope you return for some updates.