Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A New Start

Welcome to my blog.

Apologies as this is my first attempt at blogging, so wish me luck!

Anyway - here is a quick intro to those who might not know me.

I am a wargame and history enthusiast from Essex, England.
I game locally in Southend-on-Sea at SSWG. We game most periods, in a variety of scales. The club attends several UK shows each year and has a large collection of trophies for our scenery and games.

Personally I tend to game in the Horse & Musket era and later with my favorite period being the Revolutionary / Napoleonic period. I enjoy this period so much that I have found myself with collections in 3 different scales, 6mm, 15mm and 25mm!

I also have a collection of Marlburians in 15mm and a collection of beautifully painted Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts by War Times Journal.

I also enjoy playing and collecting figures for several Games Workshop games, mainly Warhammer 40k and Battlefleet Gothic.

Finally thanks for reading and I hope you return for some updates.