Wednesday, 7 October 2009

News from the Front

I had been hoping to pay some more attention to the blog, but I just haven't found the time of late.

A quick summary of whats been going on:


Down at SSWG we have been playtesting numerous Pre-Dreadnought rules, but the set which seems to have caught us the most of late is Victory at Sea, Age of Dreadnoughts.
We are planning a bit of a campaign in the Mediterranean set in 1908. All the major players will have their fleets involved. More to come on this.

Staying with SSWG, we will be attending SELWG on October 18th with our 1984 WW3 demonstration game. The British will be engaging the Russians in 28mm using Force on Force. Photo's from the day to come.

Finally, in the world of Azeroth, my Guild Freebootaz steeped up in the raiding stakes, downing the Twin Val'kyr in 10 man at only our 3rd attempt.


On the painting front, I will be working on pre-Dreadnoughts for Greece & Russia ready for the aforementioned campaign.

After this I hope to continue with my Forged in Battle 1/3000th Napoleonic warships.

Again, more to come on all this including some photos of my personal collection and from the SSWG archives.


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