Wednesday, 21 October 2009


The SSWG crew was there with our game "1984", based on a "what-if" World War 3 had started. We had Russians fighting against the British in a small corner of Germany.

The morning literally flew by and we all looked at our time pieces in amazement as it slipped past midday.
Lots of friendly visitors came and chatted, with many remembering serving in the forces during our games time frame. Nearly all commented on how accurate we had managed to get the game, which we were very please with.

Some shots of the action

We arrived early, around 9am to begin the setup.

When the game actually got underway, the action was hot from the start with the VDV contesting the edge of town while the Russian armour advanced towards the bridges.

However, the T72's were soon under accurate Milan missile fire, knocking out the lead vehicles as they tried to make ground.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the town, the VDV were meeting stiff resistance from British infantry in the buildings.

The VDV held on while BMP mounted infantry rushed to relieve them. Their transports were soon hit by Carl Gustav fire and they were forced to debus into a copse of trees.

As the action drew to a close the firepower of the Russian infantry was beginning to tell, though they were unable to enter the town or knock out the remaining Milan or Chieftan.

More photos on Picasa:
SELWG 2009

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