Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Visions of the Past part 1

Having found some time to go through some older photo collections, I have uploaded pictures from two previous SSWG visits to Salute onto my Picasa Web Album.

Salute 2009

For this we "reimagined" our Smolevichi swamp board, turning the touch of winter to the table.

We then had a German armoured train and accompanying infantry fighting it out against a determined force of Russian Partisans.

Finally - the award itself. Best Scenery 2009.

Salute 2007

Next up we have our 2007 trip to Salute. I chose this one rather than 2008 as that year we used the 1984 game, as we did for SELWG this year.

This demonstration game was of Teutonic Knights engaging in the seige of Ragnit against the Russ.

For this game we made a section of a large log castle, two siege towers, three trebuchets plus numerous other pieces of siege equipment.

The attacking Knights were lovingly painted by SSWG member Nigel and what a great job he did too:

In this final preview shot below you can see the Kogge which was hand made by Andy Finch. I'll revisit this in a seperate post.


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