Thursday, 4 March 2010

Black Powder Game Testing

So back from a trip to colonies once again. While I was gone, my colleagues at SSWG began a Jacobite Rebellion game using Black Powder.

I arrived for week two, camera in hand ready to snap the action as it unfolded.

When I arrived, the British looked in a dangerous position. Thin on the left with their right extended across a river and in danger from several large Clans and supporting cavalry and two small units of French regulars.

However, the British Right drove the Scots infantry back in disarray, breaking several Clans. However, the supporting cavalry were routed by a determined Scots charge.
On the left, reinforcements began to filter on, though a large Clan attack was forming in the woods.
As this attack struck home the reserve British brigade was able to shatter the attack and consolidate.

The British were left in control of the field with over half of all the Scots units routed.

The Rules

These were very fun to play, with the command a hoot. At one point the whole British army blundered after a C-in-C "Follow Me" roll of 6+6. This swept the commander from the field along with the calvary regiment he was trying to lead.

Shooting and melee are simple, with straight forward modifiers. No need to refer to the book more than once on those. Morale is quick and often very painful.

Much of the British movement was from initiative due to extremely poor dice, though these same dice save one British battalion with an awesome morale roll when faced by 2 clans and a -6 modifier in melee!
All four players enjoyed the see-saw action, especially when the Scots can remove a unit with just a charge (damn their Terrifying Charge rules)!

Over all a cracking game was had, so more of the same next week!

For some photos of the game, please see the album:

Jacobite Rebellion - 1745


  1. Huzzah! A victory for good king George.

    Great report Si. You rescued that one well.

    I'm on the mend now. Is there a plan for next week?


  2. Good to hear you are feeling better.
    Game could have gone either way. Some very jammy dice on both sides.

    This week its more BP with ACW if I remember correctly.