Monday, 15 March 2010

Crushed by all the Kings Men!

Last week (10th March) we continued our Black Powder fetish with a scenario out of the book for the American War of Independence - The Battle of Freeman's Farm. Wikipedia Link Here

The British started with 2 Brigades drawn up in columns of march with only a few light troops thrown ahead, while a third Brigade waited to come on.

The American forces consisted of two units of irregulars, while two Brigades of reinforcements awaited off board.

I was given the roll of Enoch Poor, commanding New Hampshire, New York & Militia battalions on the American left.

The action began with the British advancing strongly down the road on the right and upto the river on the left.
With only two concealed units of light troops currently available to the Americans, no moves were taken, though these two units did open fire on the British pickets posted on the American bank of the stream.

Thanks to some aggressive Generals on the British side (lots of good command rolls), the British advanced swiftly, crossing the stream on the left and over the bridge on their right.
On this flank, a unit of British Grenadiers lead the advance.
This unit caught the Americans unaware and unleashed a devastating volley on the leading battalion of New Hampshire infantry.
This, combined with the inept command and control, lead to the American troops struggling to get into a battle line.

As the Americans struggled to form line of battle from column of march, the British noose continued to tighten around Poor's struggling command (I passed no command checks for the first four turns!)

The tightly disciplined Grenadiers taught the rebels a sharp lesson in soldiering as the 1st New Hampshire's were scatted to the winds.
General Poor however, finally managed to draw up two battalions in line to engage the British, with a third coming up on the right, while a fourth battalion fought to hold the flank against the roving British sharpshooters.

This success was only momentary as the Grenadiers kept up a steady fire, supported now by artillery and once again the American front line broke and ran.

This situation was repeated on the American right, where the brigade of Learned was also driven off by the victorious British.

A crushing defeat, with only a unit of Indians broken on the British side!

More photos from the game here:

American War of Independence

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  1. And let that be a lesson to you Rebel dog!

    Great report Simon.