Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New Rules

Last week saw the arrival on my door mat of two crisp new rulebooks.

Black Powder
This was first to arrive through the door thanks to the chaps at Warlord Games. The book is of execellent production quality, with lovely pictures to boot.
For those of you who don't know, these rules are set to cover most of the Horse and Musket period using generic concepts and allowing the players to tweak the unit skills accordingly.

Our SSWG group had a quick game last Wednesday evening using the American Civil War as the setting.
7 Small Union Regiments faced off against 6 Large Confederate Regiments. I dont plan to go into details in this post as I plan to do a full review of the rules set including pictures after a second game this week.
I will say though that the Union barely held onto their left where two regular Regiments were badly mauled. In the centre, the Union artillery and a milita brigade succeded in stopping a second Confederate brigade attack.
Finally on the Union right, two more Union regular Regiments held of a determined attack on their fence line.
All in all a very fun game and as I said, more details to come on these rules.

Second to arrive was this fine looking set of rules. Excellent service from Black Hat Miniatures, so a big recommendation there.
I am a massive fan of the authors (Sam Mustafa) other Napoleonic rules, Grande Armee.
These rules step into a much finer detail level, placing the commander at divisional level.
Again the rules are excellently written and the production quality is high. I plan to do a full review once I have bedded in a few games, but at first read, these are potentially the rules I am searching for to play with our Napoleonic 28mm.
Certainly the Army Builder concept is transferable across to any rules set.