Thursday, 21 January 2016

Wars of the Roses continues

Building the troops

After my initial planning session, I sat down and fevourishly constructed the men at arms and archers I would need to complete the riding retinues for my initial 3 nobles.

The Perry plastic kits are lovely and I was able to produce a great selection of troopers to stand alongside the metal figures for Warwick and Salisbury.

This burst of activity left me with 16 men at arms / standard bearers, 18 archers, and my two mounted lords to paint up in round 1.

Starting the paint job

As I did with my first retinue, I opted to use a white, spray based undercoat for the figures.  I used some card as a temporary base to help handle the figures, and then went to work.

After the undercoat, I decided to focus on getting all the metalwork / armour completed.  I did this with silver, followed by a black wash.  I then moved on and completed the skin tones on all my men at arms.

At this point, I decided I would break out the green paint and knock out the 4 figures for Lord Abergavenny.  I also needed to touch up the figures on one of my billmen bases to ensure they fitted with their new nobles colour scheme.

I did this by changing the colours on the trousers on one of the figures and the sleeves on another.  I then took the new men at arms and ensured that their coats were halved green and white.
Finally, I worked on the wood and leather parts of the armour and weapons.

I resolved to based all of the troops in one batch, so I left the Abergavenny figures mounted on a 40x40mm Victrix base, coloured in an earthen brown.

The final touch for now, was to throw on a Freezywater flag which made the stand look 99% there.

Moving on to Warwick and Salisbury

At this stage, I still had 14 men at arms to finish, including 2 on horseback.  Fortunately both of these noblemen had red as their primary colour.  Warwick in solid red, and Salisbury in red and black halved.

I therefore set off, splashing red on as appropriate.  After letting that dry, I gave the tabard and coats a generous covering of red wash to give me some shading.

Following a day drying, I quickly went over the very highest points on the figures with red again to keep the colour clean.

Lord Abergavenny's retinue on the right, with Warwick and Salisbury in progress to the left.

As can be seen in the picture above, Lord Abergavenny's men at arms and billmen are ready, with the troops of Warwick and Salisbury in progress to the left and behind.

There have even been rumours that Lord Fauconberg has started the mustering of his own retinue!

More next time.

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