Sunday, 23 October 2016

5 months on - and back to some gaming (part 1)

A quick summary

Wow - 5 months with our new daughter Alice has just flown by.
Between her and work, its been hard to get any serious gaming in :-).

Still I did manage to get a few things done:

-  Uploaded the majority of my old gaming photos to Google Photo so I can start linking them up on this blog over time.
-  Get over to the SSWG club in Southend for a day's gaming of By Fire and Sword.
-  Visit the SELWG show last weekend and come away with a little swag!

So for the post today I will talk a little about the last and most recent of these things, along with a little of what's up next!

The SELWG show

Now, I have been going to a few of the gaming shows in London and around for a long number of years.
Salute and SELWG are by far the biggest, but I've also enjoyed good trips to Ilford, Tonbridge and Writtle on many occasions.  Hell, a few trips to Newark have been very rewarding in the past too.
In the past couple of years with various other engagements, the number of shows I've been able to get to has diminished.
This year however, I was determined to make the big two in London at the very least, to keep my gaming fires stoked.
Salute was enjoyable, and I came away with a limited set of new toys!

Fast forward a few months of nappy changes and I was packing a bag to get over to Crystal Palace for SELWG.
The show itself is smaller than Salute with a lot fewer people in attendance, but that just meant I had more time to browse the tables and stalls.

Shopping done!

After meeting up with some old gaming friends, I browsed the tables, picked up all three of the excellent looking Battle for Britain paper armies books by Peter Dennis, and a bargain Osprey book, World War II Airborne Warfare Tactics.

Bolt Action demo by Warlord Games

The last purchase I made was the new Bolt Action version 2 rule book.  I picked this up after having a very entertaining few turns of a demonstration game hosted by the guys from Warlord Games themselves.

Sharing the table also happened to be Lance Nielsen, the director for the upcoming Pegasus Bridge movie.
This looks to be a really exciting project and I can't wait to see it - check it out here: Pegasus Bridge - the movie

The Bolt Action demo was fast and fun, with my Wehrmacht troops trying to hold off an assault by some Allied forces.
Here are some shots of the game:
I hope to read through the whole rule book and give a more detailed opinion soon.

The best of the of the show

There were some other great looking tables at the show, along with a whole bunch of lovely figures and scenery products, which I had to work hard to avoid!

These are a few of the shots from the tables at the show.

You can also find my all my shots from the show here:  SELWG 2016 album

All in all, a fun show with a few great purchases to keep my going through the long winter months ahead.

What's coming next?

Up next time, I will do a trip back in time to a previous game down at SSWG where we had an airborne assault scenario.
I'll also talk about the only game I've really played in the past few months, which was our first outing of the By Fire and Sword rules.

That's it for this time.  Happy gaming!

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