Saturday, 27 February 2016

Wars of the Roses update

After being busy with work, progress has slowed down on my Wars of the Roses project.

However, I have managed to sneak in some progress and now have all the Men at Arms based up for Warwick, Salisbury and Abergavenny. I also have the bombard ready, minus the shield for now.

This leaves me with 18 retinue archers to complete for Salisbury and Abergavenny to complete the riding retinues of my 3 Lords. Once these are done, I will complete all their bases in one batch.

For storage, I have opted for the simple yet effective KRMulticase with 50mm pluck foam. This offers decent protection, storage and transport, whilst also giving me enough customisation to ensure that each stand is secure.

After this, I am undecided on what to muster next, though I will probably opt for a half a dozen mounted Men at Arms to add a mobile reserve to my force, along with some bases of lower quality array troops, with a mixture of bills, spears and bows.